Weavers At The Black


Weavers at the Black Characters 




Duke Lendris Masaddeon: The Duke of the planet Caudol. A vain and militaristic ruler.



Prince Rothel Masaddeon: The prince of the planet Caudol. A loyal servant of his father.




Sir Algiard: A knight in service to Duke Masaddeon.




Regn Synkresh II: An agent of the guild Falarus. He has traveled across the galaxy in service to his order.




Shasaiksa: An alien woman who serves as a diplomat for the Vlychians. 




Senator Vix: A member of Caudol's government who advocates peace.




The Lady in Grey: A mysterious agent of the guild Calyptris, rival of Falarus.




General Valaiph: The aggressive leader of Caudol's military.




The Divus: His Holy Excellency, The Last And Most Superior, The True Messiah and Champion of Humanity, The Great Savior, The King Of The End Of Time: The Eschatonic Imperator. The Main Bad Guy Of This Comic.